WordPress MultiSite domains with Letsencrypt SSL Webmin/Virtualmin

Setting up WordPress multisite with Letsencrypt SSL certificates in Webmin/Virtualmin is actually fairly east. This guide assumes you have your multisite working. You need a domain to hang all the multi-sites of (parent domain). The TLD .xyz is fairly cheap so I use them.

Before doing this get your parent domain and setup multisite

There a 3 steps to this (instructions below)

  1. Enable SSL on Parent Domain
  2. Setup Domain Alias
  3. Setup SSL Certificate

Enable SSL on Parent Domain

  1. Select the parent domain in Virtualmin
  2. expand Enables Features,
  3. ensure Apache SSL website enabled? is chercked. 
  4. Click Save Virtual Server.

Setup Domain Alias

  1. Login to virtualmin and select domain to create alias under
  2. Select ‘Create Virtual Server’ top left
  3. Select ‘alias of’ tab at top (either create option with or without email aliuses’
  4. Fill in Domain Name and 
  5. click Create Server

Setup Letsencrypt SSL Certificate


Here we will setup a Lets Encript certificate whitch are free and work great. 

  1. Go to Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificate.
  2. Add the domains to Domain names listed here (best to add the parent domain and the multisite domain)
  3. Click on Request Vertificates.
Thats it