Digital Cinema Package (DCP) Mastering/Creation

DCP Creation

DCP CreationTo get the best out of your films when shown at film festivals or cinemas it is best to deliver them on DCP. I can make your short films or even feature-length ones into high-quality DCP packages for a very reasonable price.

DCP Creation or Mastering is the process of taking the master file you create and turning it into a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) that Cinimas use to show films.

I have experience in DCP Creation for festival shorts and feature-length documentaries and dramas. I have also created DCPs for screenings of TV shows and documentaries.  I have helped many independent (Indy) filmmakers get their work shown on the big screen.  I can even add subtitles if needed.

Pricing for creating a DCP are:

  • 10-minutes short £50 *
  • 30-minute short £100 **
  • 60-minute feature £150 **
  • 90-minute feature £200 **
These prices are for a 2K DCP.  If you want a 4K DCP Contact Me to discuss, but generally, 2K is what is best.

To keep the prices down they are for the creation of DCPs from a single file only.  If you wish to supply separate files for audio and video or have any other questions, please Contact Me for more details.

Nowadays many cinemas and festivals can accept DCPs electronically as a ZIP file.  This keeps the cost down to you but the files are very large (often > 150GB) so it can take over 6 houres to transfer.

* This will be sent to you electronically with instructions on how to create a USB stick to hold it.
** This will be sent to you on a  portable hard drive or CRU drive or a zip file, there will be additional costs depending on the option you chose.

The Process, what you need to Know

Here is how it works.  I’ve listed the process in detail but don’t worry, its not that complicated and I can talk you through the process and answer any questions you have.

The first thing is you need to get a video file to me.  This can either be done digitally (I can provide a place for you to upload the file) or you can post it to me on a portable Hard Drive.  This is generally a single file with the video and audio.

Please let me know

  • Frame-rate
  • Aspect Ration
  • audio mappings (see below)

Apple ProRes 422 (or Avid DNxHR  HQ) is great but if you shoot on high-end cameras (that have a quality/bitrate higher than this ProRes 422/ DNxHR  HQ) is worth doing HQ  It will however look great on the screen either way as its the projector, as much as the quality/bitrate that makes things look great on the big screen. The most common for DCP is ProRes 422 HQ or Avid DNxHR HQ.  I can actually accept almost any format but these are the recommended.

In terms of audio, it should be in the file.  Stereo and 5.1 are both fine (please say which tracks are for what, especially for surround).

I can also include subtitles (either burnt-in or separate ‘open subtitles’, for the latter you can have multiple languages) but there is an extra cost.  I can accept .srt files.

The prices at are for single-file stereo or surround no subtitles for creating the DCP, sent to you as a zip file.  If you want anything else please let me know and I will reply.

If you want it on an HD I can use the one you send me and return it, or I can get one at extra cost (500GB is fine, £40) plus return postage (I use Royal Mail Special Delivery).

I can turn it around in 4 days but need to know in advance.

I can add subtitles later, but you need to let me know if this will happen as I need to hang on to all the files I create to do this later.

Do not hesitate to Contact Me if you have any questions.