Creating Premiere Pro Ingest Presets for Fixed Frame Size

Premiere Pro Ingest Presets are usred for creating Proxy Files.  Took me a wile to work this out, lots of places on how to create a Premiere Pro Ingest Preset which matches the Frame Size of the sourcce clip but for Proxies you generaly want to create clips for a smaller Frame Size.  Its Actualy simple when you know how.

In thiis example I am going to create a Prores LT 1024×540 (1/4/ Rez ) preset for Mavrick Drone footage (DJI files thaat are 4096×2160).  You will however be able to create presets of any codeck or Frame Size uning the below method.

This is done in 2 parts

  • first you create a standard Encoding Preset of the ququired Codec and Frame Size
  • then you create a Ingest preset based on this.

Creating Standard Preset

  1. Open Adobie Media Encoder and goto the Preset Browser.  The Easiest way to do this is  tap Ctrl+4, do it a cople of times and it will toggle the windows on/off, just give it a go.
  2. At the top left corner of the Preset Browser there is a plus(+) sign.  Click on this and select ‘Create Encoding Preset…’.  This brings up a windows for the new preset.
  3. give it a name, i.e. ‘Prores LT 1024×540’
  4. Now you slect the codec, Select Format (i.e. Quicktime) and for Based on Preset Select the Codec you want (Appre Prores 422 LT)
  5. Now you set the Frame Size a little down the screen there is Hight and width and to the right of that a checkbox.
  6. Click on this checkbox and it will allow you to enter the Frame Width and Hight (i.e. 1024 and 540).  You probably first want to click on the little figre of 8 icon right of the size otherwise the ratio between the hight and size is maintained.
  7. Click on OK and the reset will be saved.

Creating Ingest Preset

  1. At the top left corner of the Preset Browser click on the plus(+) sign again. 
  2. This time select select ‘Create Inject Preset…’.  This brings up a windows for the new preset.
  3. Name it, I.e.’Prores 1024×540 (1/4 4k DJI Drone)’.
  4. Now you base it on the Preset you just created, so fill in Format with the Codec, i.e. Quicktime
  5. And under Preset select the Preset you just created, i.e. ‘Prores LT 1024×540’.
  6. Select OK.
  7. Now you need to export  the Ingest preset.  Right click on it and select ‘Export Presets…’ and save it somewhare apropreate.

To use the preset

  1. Find a clip you want to create a proxy for, right click and select ‘Proxies…’ then ‘Create Proxies’
  2. A windo popes up and there is a Create Proxies winow that pops up.  click on the ‘Add Ingest Presets…’ button.
  3. Once you have added the preset select ti and click OK.