Encoding for Prores on windows and AVC-Intra

Been using Premiere Pro on Windows and one thing that is missing is Prores.  There are alternatives (such as Avid  DNxHD) but they tend to be handled as 32bit in Premiere.  Another good alternative is XDCAM using the AVC-Intra codec which is excellent quality and handled well in Premiere (Choose XDCAM preset you want and change the codec).

Prores is very popular and often asked for as a high quality delivery format for final output. The good news is it is now possible to encode it in windows using an Open Source utility called FFMPEG.  There is even a GUI front end for this, AnotherGUI.  This is obviously not supported by apple but Legally it may well be fine as reverse engendering Prores may not be a problem.

I dont want to get into trouble by saying it is (or is not) legal, there is a discussion at www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/kgqdd/apple_prores_codec_reverse_engineered/ if you want to learn more.

FFMPEG can be downloaded from ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/.
AnotherGUI can be downloaded from www.stuudio.ee/anothergui/.